A Nurse’s Inspiration: Be the match


(WOWT) A nurse in Nebraska is inspiring others to “be the match” when it comes to bone marrow transplants.

Last September, Becky Hannah got a call that she was a bone marrow match to a stranger in another country.

“Since I work in a unit where we do transplants all of the time, I knew already what it entailed,” Becky said.

She swabbed her mouth years ago and waited. Now, her bone marrow was needed. The timing could not have been better.

Becky lost her father last year because he was not able to receive a liver transplant in time. This was one of her biggest motivators in becoming a donor.

“I was hoping by doing this that I would spare someone from feeling all the things I’ve felt this past year,” said Becky.

She encourages everyone to go the bone marrow registry and sign up at bethematch.org.

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