Are movie theaters too loud?


(KPRC) Many people have gone to the movies and the volume has been so loud they have wanted to leave.

NBC affiliate KPRC’s reporter, Haley Hernandez, used a free decibel meter app for her phone to find how loud the movies really are. The average decibel reading in the movie theater she visited was 94 DB.

Above 80 DB is not recommended. Hours of exposure to high DB can lead to permanent hearing loss. According to audiologist Ross Tonini, above 100 is too high.

“If we’re at 100 DB, you can be in 100 DB for 15 minutes. You can be in 110 or 109 for less than 2 minutes,” Tonini said.

Tonini said the volume level in the theater can peak to dangerous levels, but in order to do permanent damage, you would have to endure that for many hours.

He said as hearing degenerates, noise volume in bars, restaurants and movies starts to amplify and cause discomfort faster than it does in someone who has perfect hearing. Which might be why people with hearing loss have less tolerance for loud environments.

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