(WWLP) – During this month of breast cancer awareness, health experts from Baystate Health are helping women understand breast health and early detection.

Baystate Health hosted a free virtual lecture series called “The Mammogram Callback” this Tuesday evening. It covered topics including breast imaging and risk factors for breast cancer.

Experts also discussed what kind of information you may hear when they call you back with your results. “Most call backs are benign or negative, we are just making sure. We assessed the picture, is this picture adequate, does this include the whole breast tissue, we are trying to rule out cancer,” explained Dr. Folashade Ajegba, Radiologist at Baystate Health. “We want you to move on for the rest of the year and be confident there is nothing there.”

The series continues next Monday, October 16th, when experts talk about breast cancer treatment options, including surgery. The American College of Radiology recommends women above 40 get a mammogram every year.

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