BOSTON (WWLP) – An event at the State House Monday is hoping it’s just the first of an annual tradition.

The State House was full of advocates and allies speaking on the need for equity in our healthcare system. The Hall of Flags was full for the first annual Black Women’s Health & Wellness Legislative advocacy day. Advocates spoke about how healthcare extends beyond just the doctor’s office, and that it includes everything from one’s environment to daily responsibilities and families.

The speakers and panelists are advocating for over 50 bills that would promote health and racial equity for women. “Not only is this fight for us as black women, but it’s a fight for our children, it’s a fight for our future generations, it’s a fight for the health of our community.”

Representative Bud Williams sponsored the event and he spoke on the lack of equity in the healthcare system, “Health is your wealth, and every category in the healthcare system black people, black women and black men, are disproportionately affected by it.”

The Wellness Collaborative and Mindful and Melanated were the two organizations the event chose to spotlight. The Wellness Collaborative is a non-profit that works to eliminate healthcare disparities and Mindful and Melanated provides Black women with mental wellness support.

The day focused on many needs, but special attention was made to mental health and the need for culturally relevant counseling and education.