(WWLP) – 22News is Working for You this month to bring awareness to breast cancer.

Experts recommend monthly self-breast exams to increase the odds of early detection but not all breast changes are cancer. According to the American Cancer Society, benign or non-cancerous breast conditions are actually very common among women.

Benign conditions like fibrosis and simple cysts are non-life-threatening. But science shows some benign conditions are linked with a higher risk of getting breast cancer later on in life. 22News spoke with one local doctor who said this is often detected through mammography.

“Something new pops up, some new calcification or a new spot and we biopsy it,” Jesse Casaubon, a Breast Oncologist for Baystate Health explained. “It shows some atypical cells for example. Those atypical cells aren’t cancer and they’re not pre-cancer. We know that whatever caused those cells to form probably is associated with an increased risk of getting breast cancer.”

Dr. Casaubon is also urging all women to get up to date on their mammograms.