Busting nutrition myths


(KPRC) In an effort to be a healthier society, one dietitian says clients are coming in confused. There are several nutrition myths Brittany Link of Advice for Eating wishes people would stop believing.

First, egg yolks aren’t bad for you.

“They’ll be like I cannot eat those, I only eat egg whites, and so I have to dispel a lot of these nutrition myths as we’re planning and kind of going through a meal plan,” Link said.

The hesitation comes because the yolk is where the calories and cholesterol is, but Link said, that’s OK.

“The egg yolk does have the higher calories and it does have cholesterol but it’s been found that dietary cholesterol, so the cholesterol that you get in an egg yolk doesn’t actually affect blood cholesterol. So you don’t need to avoid dietary cholesterol if you have high cholesterol,” she said. “It’s also where you’re getting all the vitamins and minerals so all those good vitamins that you want from an egg, like vitamin D, choline, B12, the omegas. You’re getting all of that in the egg yolk and some of the protein is in the egg yolk too. So, when you’re avoiding that, you’re missing out on so many of the good nutrients in an egg.”

Link said people also avoid shrimp for cholesterol.

After the holidays, Link said she will see clients attempting a juice cleanse. That is a terrible idea.

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