(WWLP) – The gloomy weather we’ve been seeing can take a toll on people’s moods and western Massachusetts residents are ready to say so long to these cloudy skies and lingering showers.

“I can’t get out much,” says Tristan Tylenda of West Springfield. “I like to golf on the weekends, and obviously when it’s raining you can’t golf. I am sick and tired of it really.”

It’s summertime and people want to be outside, especially now that life is becoming somewhat normal. It’s no surprise, according to health experts a sunny or cloudy day can really affect our moods. According to data from Healthline, decreased sun exposure has been associated with a drop in serotonin levels, the hormone that boosts your mood.

Some people told 22News that the sunnier weather definitely puts them in a better mood because they can do more things outside of the house.

“Frustrated,” said Mike Cortis of West Springfield. “I would really like to take the top off my jeep and get outside. I think it’s just getting off of the pandemic, and then wintertime and the snow, just trying to get out and get back to normal and have time to hang out with friends.”

Foods rich in Vitamin D can keep you feel healthy when there is a lack of sun. Vitamin D produces in your body in response to sunlight and helps your immune system to function. Light therapy is also an option to boost serotonin levels when there is little or no natural light.

While some sun exposure can be good for you, moderation is key, and wear SPF.