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CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – As Massachusetts launches Phase One of reopening the state, there are plenty of questions about what to expect. To answer some of those questions, 22News is bringing together members of Massachusetts’ delegation to the U.S. House of Representatives, community and business leaders for “COVID-19 Virtual Town Hall” Wednesday, live from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m.

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Viewers were invited to email questions via reportit@wwlp.com. We will do our best to help answer your questions tonight on 22News at 8 p.m.

Here are your questions:

Could you let the public know when the redemption bottle is available? Also why was it shut down in the first place? To me it is a health issue with the summer insects. -William

When can the bottle redemption centers reopen? -Bill

When might we be able to go and see our loved ones at nursing homes? -Rita

Where do we as a small business go for help? -Thomas

How is Congress going to pay for all of the stimulus packages that are being put in place and what plans are in place to curb the rise in the debt? I’m very concerned about the future of this country for my grandchildren. -Patty

If my yearly inspection sticker or my car’s registration are due to be renewed, are those due dates still valid? Are gas stations doing inspections yet? -Joe

When will the DMV reopen to the public? Class C drivers license, Real ID, and a DOT Self Certification for Commercial Drivers License require personal attention with documentation, no of these can be done online. -Paul

When will the DMV be open for students to take their learners permit test? -Diane

When will campgrounds, both private and State Parks be open for short term stays, such as weekend stay vs. seasonal? -Cynthia

We see dog walkers and dog groomers being able to open but what about dog trainers? What phase are we in? -Irene

Can you clarify daycare openings and the opening of summer camps for children?

Why weren’t daycare’s considered to be placed in phase one as parents/guardians especially in western Mass are looking for childcare as they go back to work? -M. Byrant

What are the guidelines for educators who work with children in different settings like family daycare, schools and centers? How will they have the right items PPE etc. to prepare when they open their business? Due to high demands on disinfectant and cleaners how are we going to come across having them? Where can we purchase those important needs we use daily? When a child is sick what is the protocol when we don’t know if it is coronavirus? How do we protect ourselves? -Lisa

When will auto enthusiasts be able to hold car shows and cruise nights? -Maggie

Why isn’t Baystate Medical Center required to pay their workers hazard pay? -Shauna

Since the pandemic many people’s incomes have changed. In the Heroes Act or future bills, will there be a way to appeal your income status if you didn’t qualify last year but you do this year? Like in Congressman Ryan’s proposal can you show recent pay stubs to prove your income this year? -Glen

I had chemo 3 years ago and right now I have no cancer symptoms. Is my immune system still compromised? What are my chances of contracting COVID-19? -Carolyn

Are employers required to inform employees if other coworkers have been exposed or tested positive for the virus? -Nancy

Is there anything other than social distancing and masks that those in high risk tier can do to protect especially against those with no symptoms? -413

When can furniture stores reopen? -Holly

Does the cold temperature of the refrigerator also help to kill the virus? Does daylight florescent lights help to kill the virus? How long does the coronavirus remain alive on various surfaces? -Bob

Why should it be the same strict restrictions for Western Mass, and the Hill towns, as it is for Boston? -William

My job does not offer work from home. Do I have any options? -Jason

Why are construction workers and police on detail exempt from social distancing and mask requirements? -Michelle

Living in multi family HUD housing. There is no social distancing and masks in hallways. Isn’t mandated where there is less than 6ft. for social distancing? I have a serious underlying health problem. What should I do? -V

During these trying times many penalty’s payments and IRS liens where placed on hold or suspended. Why was that not done for people serving penalty weeks on unemployment?

Why First Student bus company was not paid out its contract through Springfield School Department for the 2019/2020 school year? First Student was unable to pay there employees. -Syreeta

Is going to the day surgery unit safe in local hospitals without COVID-19 testing of patients before procedures and surgeries? -Susanna

Heroes Act for Cities and Town: Richard Neal, please explain why big cities are receiving 4 TIMES the $$$$ per resident? https://www.speaker.gov/heroesact -William

What safety restrictions will there be for employees and members of the health club industry? -Judy

When will city hall reopen? -Cynthia

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