BOSTON (SHNS) – Berkshire County has a greater percentage of residents who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 than any other county in the state, with 13.1 percent of residents having already received two doses of a vaccine as of Tuesday.

Dukes County (mostly Martha’s Vineyard) is second with 12.4 percent of its residents being fully vaccinated, according to the Department of Public Health’s weekly vaccine report published Thursday.

Of the roughly 550,000 people who were fully vaccinated as of Tuesday, 21.5 percent are 75 years old or older, 9.6 percent are between 65 and 74, 25.6 percent are between 50 and 64, 29.8 percent are between 30 and 49, and 12.7 percent are in their 20s, DPH said. Another 0.7 percent are people 19 or younger.

Just more than 67 percent of people who are fully vaccinated are white, about 17 percent are listed as “unknown/other” race or ethnicity, 5.3 percent are Black, 4.4 percent are Asian and 4.1 percent are Latino, DPH said.