SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Before school starts up again this fall the Black Springfield COVID-19 Coalition has some vital homework to do; they are working to find out what effects remote learning had on children in the area.

The COVID Coalition under Springfield State Representative Bud Williams, sat down with a group of experienced Black educators. They have a month to learn what ill-effects more than a year of remote learning may have had on their children, and what they can do to close any gap that might exist.

Representative Williams told 22News what the purpose was for the meeting. “We want to collect data, we want to have surveys, we want to talk with parents, talk with the community, so when we go back to in person learning in August, we’ll have a road map, so they can make the adjustments.”

With limited time to gather all this material and to map out a working plan, The COVID Coalition needs the assistance from school committee members like Barbara Gresham. And, she’s in wholehearted agreement with Williams’ intent.

“It’s important to know that we as a committee is engaged, and we in the community to help them help the children be better in their respect to their education,” said Gresham.

These leaders from Springfield’s Black community told 22News they intend to find out if their school children, and all children throughout the city lost a step during that period of remote learning.