SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – While the vaccine and booster may not prevent you from getting COVID-19, it can greatly lower the chances of you getting sick or even you getting someone else sick.

It’s why medical experts are calling this a pandemic of the unvaccinated. Data from the state’s Department of Public Health show that two thirds of patients hospitalized for the virus are unvaccinated. However, getting the booster shot can be useful in other ways as well.

According to a Johns Hopkins Public Health Professor, if you get a breakthrough COVID-19 case but you have the booster shot, your symptoms should be less intense and you should be out for a shorter period of time. Another key factor is you’ll be less like to pass the virus onto others, even people living in the same house.

There are vaccine clinics that offer boosters, a number of them are walk-ins including at the site at the Springfield Technology Park that opened this week. You must register in advance.