CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Along with colleges having concerns about COVID-19, cancer survivors with suppressed immune systems are also worried about the uptick in cases expected this fall and winter.

The CDC issued guidelines recently about what people with cancer should know about the virus and how to protect themselves. In addition to social distancing and keeping up to date with boosters, there are additional medications available.

“There are also non-vaccine medications that can be available,” said Dr. Wilson Mertens, a medical oncologist at Baystate Health. ” One called ‘Evusheld’ is a combination of two laboratory engineered anti-bodies that are designed to attack the spike proteins on the COVID virus, and it reduces symptomatic infections substantially in patients who maybe immuno-suppressed.”

Dr. Mertens added you should stay up to date with vaccines, even if you are concerned about the side effects. He states in addition to COVID, the Flu is also a big concern for the immuno-suppressed population this year.