SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Chaos and confusion at the mass vaccination site in Springfield lead to some people missing or skipping their appointment slots this week.

Hundreds of people waited in long lines in the cold, snowy weather on Tuesday to try to get their COVID-19 shots at the Eastfield Mall mass vaccination site. Some of them eventually gave up.

“It was going to be a couple of hours in line, so I went home,” Dave Gleason explained, who was back at the Eastfield Mall Wednesday for his dose.

“It was terrible,” Dolores Anderson said. “Lines, people were cold in the snow, wet. It was awful.”

Healthcare worker Matthew Hubbard had an appointment on Tuesday. He told 22News the long line was mostly elderly people.

“They were basically being forced outside. There was no distancing at all. That’s actually what got me to leave, I just left,” Hubbard said.

Starting Wednesday, anyone who was not able to get vaccinated on Monday or Tuesday but had an appointment will be able to get their dose without making another appointment. People will be able to go to the Eastfield Mall from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM Wednesday through Sunday to get their shot.

Those who tried again on Wednesday morning told 22News things went much better.

“Oh great today, great!” Gleason said.

“Today was wonderful. But, we were the second ones here,” explained Anderson.