CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – As the new school year begins, experts say parents and students should prepare and plan ahead a budget for school supplies whether it is for homeschooling or a change in teaching format at school.

Experts recommend using price comparing websites when researching for expensive items like laptops and tablets to compare prices and customer reviews on different brands.

According to Better Business Bureau people should utilize tax free weekends enabling you to buy clothes, school supplies and other items without paying sales tax. August 29th and 30th are the 2020 sales tax holidays in Massachusetts.

22News spoke with one parent who said he thinks virtual learning could become pricey and challenging.

“To have high speed internet and to have Chrome books and other things available for students whether it’s time that students can have with their parents at home, to be able to learn and be able to do certain things,” said Parco Delgado of Westfield. He noted, “Not every child has the same advantages at home like others do.”

Another tip to consider is asking for student discounts at stores especially if a student has an .edu email address or student ID.

You can also find websites that show what stores have promo-codes and discounts. And even if there isn’t a discount advertised, Better Business Bureau says it doesn’t hurt to ask.