(WWLP) – As the state extends COVID-19 vaccine eligibility, cases of the virus are still steadily on the rise. At Baystate Medical Center, their hospitalized cases have gone from around 50 patients to nearly 90 in the past few weeks.

As the weathers gets warmer more people are going outside for leisure. Some are getting more comfortable without wearing a mask in public, as was seen at the Texas Rangers opening day, but that shouldn’t be the case.

In Massachusetts a mask order still in effect. Now more than 1 million people are newly eligible for the vaccine as the state adds residents 55 plus, and those with just one certain medical condition to the list of eligibility.

Health experts say, as more people get vaccinated, they hope there will be fewer cases, but now we must say vigilant.

“As people are feeling better and we’re doing better overall compared to where we were a few months ago in COVID, regionally and nationally we are seeing an uptick in cases. People still need to wear masks and distance and not congregate in large groups because we still have plenty of COVID circulating.” Dr. Daniel Skiest, Baystate Health Infectious Disease Division

Deaths are on the decline, Monday the country reported 222 deaths from COVID-19, which is the fewest since March 23, 2020. The state is nearing 17,000 confirmed deaths from the virus.

The department of public health reported two days worth of data on Monday, with nearly 3,000 new cases. There are around 35,000 active cases of the virus statewide.