SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Last week we saw a drop in cases and this week Massachusetts hospitals are seeing a similar trend with patients. This is a bit of good news for local hospitals and it’s a trend that they are expecting to sustain itself given that COVID-19 cases have continued to decline.

Massachusetts has changed how they display their COVID-19 numbers when it comes to hospitalizations. Data now shows when people are hospitalized because of COVID-19 or are in the hospital for other reasons and test positive for COVID-19. That data shows about 50 percent of what they call primary COVID-19 patients and the other half are described as.

Dr. Syed Hussain, Chief Clinical Officer at Trinity Health Of New England, told 22News this shows how infectious Omicron has been, “While it is very contagious, it does cause milder symptoms compared to Delta and in some cases, especially those who are fully vaccinated and may be boosted, it may cause no symptoms.”

Another thing that’s been going down in terms of this pandemic is the positivity rate which is the percentage of people testing positive for COVID-19 who are tested. As of Friday, it is now at 13.70 percent. Earlier this month we were seeing it as high as the mid-20s. However, in the summer we saw it under 1 percent.