SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Friday marked the final day of operations for the AMR COVID-19 testing site at the Eastfield Mall.

The site, which has given almost half a million tests, is closing as the state phases out its ‘stop the spread’ testing initiative with the covid-19 public health emergency ending in May.

State Representatives Orlando Ramos and Carlos Gonzalez were there to recognize the AMR staff for the work that they did during the pandemic.

“We’ve worked really hard, our team has been here every day and it’s just great to be recognized for it. Stay vigilant, Covid is still here, keep being aware of symptoms and get tested if you need to but, we are moving forward.” Kim D’Angelo, OPerations Manager AMR

While this site is closing, people in need of PCR tests can find them at urgent care centers, primary care physicians and many retail pharmacies. If you are insured, most plans will cover the cost of the test.