EASTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – The Mayor of Easthampton wants to remind people about the COVID-19 protocols in place for visitors and employees at City Hall.


  • Masks are required to be worn inside of city hall, over the nose and mouth, per a BOH Order, by the public and all city employees, regardless of vaccination status.
  • Masks are available to the public and city employees in the Health Department.
  • Employees in their offices, who can maintain 6 feet of distance, may remove their mask.
  • Social distancing shall be maintained at all times, when possible, including during COVID-19 testing, meetings, interacting with the public/city employees, etc.
  • During COVID-19 testing, doors leading to the main floor shall remain closed (& unlocked) and signage shall be posted directing those seeking testing to report to the basement level only.
  • Those seeking COVID-19 testing shall attempt to make an appointment ahead of time to limit time spent in city hall.
  • Those seeking COVID-19 testing shall immediately leave city hall after being tested.
  • Employees and members of the public shall utilize the wall-mounted hand sanitizer as much as possible in addition to washing hands with soap and water.
  • Frequently touched surfaces shall be cleaned and disinfected in accordance with current CDC standards.
  • Air purifying units shall remain on and functional, at all times, on each floor of the building.

COVID-19 Cases, Quarantine, & Isolation Requirements:

  • The public and city employees shall not report to city hall if experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, regardless of vaccination status.
  • Symptomatic individuals may not return to work unless a negative COVID-19 test is received.

Positive COVID-19 Cases:

  • City employees who are notified of a positive COVID-19 test shall immediately notify their supervisor and leave work
  • Supervisors shall contact the Health Department for assistance with proper contact tracing.
  • Positive COVID-19 cases are required to isolate in accordance with the MA Department of Public Health Isolation Requirements and may not return to work until the criteria to end isolation is met.
  • Supervisors may request a letter from the Board of Health, in the city/town that the positive case lives, stating their isolation period has ended and they may return to work.

Close Contacts:

  • Employees shall immediately report to their supervisor if they are a close contact to a positive case.
  • A close contact is defined as: Someone who was less than 6 feet away from an infected person/positive case for a cumulative total of 15 minutes or more over a 24-hour period (for example, three individual 5-minute exposures for a total of 15 minutes). An infected person can spread the virus starting 48 hours before their symptoms began or 48 hours before the date they were tested, whichever came first, until they meet the criteria for ending isolation.
  • Unvaccinated close contacts are required to quarantine in accordance with the MA Department of Public Health Quarantine Requirements.
  • Fully vaccinated close contacts are not required to quarantine, as long as they remain asymptomatic, and continue to monitor for symptoms. It is recommended that fully vaccinated close contacts get tested 5-7 days from initial exposure.
  • If fully vaccinated close contacts begin to experience COVID-19 symptoms, they shall immediately leave work, seek out testing, and quarantine until a negative test is received.

COVID-19 Vaccines