CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Elms College announced Tuesday they will offer temporary housing to first responders from Chicopee.

Elms College President Harry Dumay made the announcement in a news release sent to 22News. According to Dumay, the college will provide 20 rooms in Devine Hall to be used by the City of Chicopee for police, fire, and EMS employees during COVID-19 response operations until July 31.

Devine Hall at Elms College

“Our first responders are on the front lines of exposure to the virus. They need a safe place to go to at the end of their long shifts, away from their homes as a precaution against transmitting the virus to their families and loved ones.’’

Elms College President Harry Dumay

All campus residents were required to move out of the residence halls by April 1 when the college closed due to the COVID-19 outbreak. All college classes are completely online and college staff and faculty are all working remotely with the exception of essential personnel such as those in Public Safety.

As soon as first responders no longer need the housing, the building will be sanitized and cleaned by a professional company before the campus reopens.