SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The FDA has granted full approval of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine, but will that get more shots into arms? 22News spoke with some Springfield residents who said they aren’t sure if it will change the minds of those who aren’t confident in the vaccine.

Dan Frye of Springfield told 22News, “You always hope that when things get approved that people will be more trusting in them.”

Moderna’s COVID shot is now fully approved by the FDA. The shot has been given to millions of US residents 18 years and older since its emergency authorization. Here in Massachusetts, 76% of people are now fully vaccinated, and top health officials are hopeful as they look toward the future.

Dr. Robert Roose of Mercy Medical Center told 22News, “Moderna is also currently in the works on a vaccine that specifically targets the omicron variant. I think we are starting to have the foundational elements to address COVID so it doesn’t rule our lives as we move in towards the summer and warmer months. What that means is that most people will have an immunity built up. Vaccines are readily available, and they are very effective and reduce symptoms.”

Nationwide, vaccination rates have slowed down, averaging about 750,000 per day. Compare that to last spring when they peaked at 3 million per day. Here in the state, Hampden County still trails behind other Western Massachusetts counties for fully vaccinated residents.

Some Springfield residents, like Dan Frye, are not sure if an FDA approval of the Moderna vaccine will change those numbers.

“I feel like if you haven’t made up your mind already, it probably won’t force you over the line to go get it. But hopefully it does for some people,” Frye said.

Moderna is also currently in the works on a vaccine that specifically targets the omicron variant.

If you are considering getting vaccinated, there are several local clinics offering Moderna, including Technology Park in Springfield.