BRIDGEWATER, Mass. (WWLP) — The first prison case of COVID-19 was reported at the Massachusetts Treatment Center Saturday.

According to the Massachusetts Department of Corrections, staff at the Massachusetts Treatment Center are taking heightened precautions after an inmate tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. The Massachusetts Department of Correction received the inmate’s test results on Friday, March 20. 

The inmate and his roommate, who has not shown symptoms, have been quarantined from each other and the MTC’s general population since Thursday, March 19. The inmate is serving a life sentence.

According to, there are no other positive COVID-19 cases reported within the inmate population.

Massachusetts Secretary of Health and Human Sevices, Marylou Sudders, responded to questions about the inmate during a press conference on Saturday.

The Department of Correction has followed all the protocols around isolating the individual, doing the contact tracing — the people who individuals come in contact with — of those individuals, if they were staff went home and are being tested. [The] place was disinfected,” she said. “So we believe that the treatment center followed all the protocols that we do in any other facility where you would have a patient, a person, or in this case an inmate, who was tested positive.

Massachusetts Secretary of Health and Human Sevices, Marylou Sudders

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The MTC is a medium-security facility separately housing criminally sentenced inmates identified as sex offenders and those who have been civilly committed as sexually dangerous persons.