SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Holiday celebrations and gatherings continue this week as we look ahead to New Year’s Eve.

These celebrations come as respiratory illnesses continue to circulate in our area. RSV, the flu, and COVID-19 have been a concern, and health experts say if you don’t feel well; stay home.

This is where we currently stand with COVID 19 here in the commonwealth:

Massachusetts COVID-19 report overview

Taking a look at the CDC’s COVID-19 county tracker, Hampden County is the only county in Massachusetts that is considered a high risk for COVID-19. Most of the state, including western Massachusetts counties, Hampshire and Franklin are at a medium risk level, and Berkshire County is at a low risk level for COVID-19 spread.

County Daily Incidence Rate

“The past three year has shown that this is the peak when COVID and other viruses like to linger around and go from host to host. You go from one spot to the next without necessarily realizing that you may be infecting other people,” said AMR Regional Director Patrick Leonardo.

In high risk areas like Hampden County, the CDC recommends that people wear a high-quality mask. If you are at high risk of getting very sick consider avoiding indoor activities in public where you could be exposed. And, lastly make sure to get yourself tested before going around anyone who is at high risk of getting very sick.

The AMR testing site in Springfield will have scaled back hours this Friday and will be closed Saturday and Sunday for New Years celebrations, and will reopen for Monday. Also, the HCC COVID-19 testing site will be permanently closed after December 31.