WINDSOR LOCKS, CT (WWLP) – The colder temperatures we’ve seen lately, may have you dreaming of a warmer destination. However, if you haven’t traveled by plane in a while, what should you expect?

Alisa Sisic is the Manager of Marketing at Bradley International Airport, she said come prepared, “Come early, give yourself plenty of time to check in and do the TSA screening.”

Sisic said if you’re flying for the first time in awhile some things have changed. Masks are federally required in the airport and on the plane. While there are no testing or vaccination requirements at the airport, she recommends you check the requirements of where you’re going.

For international flights you should check your destination to see when you need a COVID-19 test and the timeframe. At Bradley International Airport they do have COVID-19 testing available but there’s also tests available through AMR at the Eastfield Mall under 48 hours.

“It’s a PCR test and usually it’s a 72 hour timeframe,” Sisic said about the testing site at baggage claim. She added that they also offer vaccine and booster shots as well.

Anne Lischwe with AAA said when it comes to booking flights, you may be considering the warmer months, still she said flexibility and travel insurance are essential.

“People are antsy, they want to be able to get away and they don’t want their trip to be canceled so there isn’t a fool proof method as much as I’d like to say there is,” Anne said. “But make sure you’re prepared and have a back up plan is certainly helpful.”