(WWLP) – The latest in COVID-19 vaccinations here in the country is an update to the Moderna booster shot and its ability to combat the subvariants.

Officials for Moderna saying the updated bivalent booster shot creates significantly higher antibody levels. Those antibodies defend against the omicron BA-4 and BA-5 subvariants compared to Moderna’s original shot formula.

22News spoke with an infectious disease specialist at Baystate. They say it’s urgent to get vaccinated because we are not just dealing with COVID-19, but RSV and the Flu as well.

“Currently it’s not just COVID,” said Dr. Armando Paez, Baystate Health’s Chief of the Division of Infectious Disease. “We have been seeing a spike in our RSV cases, mostly in young kids, and the flu. Although it is minimal, we are seeing it rising.”

The CDC also recommends that people start adding COVID shots to their regular immunization schedule if they are over the age of six months.