SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Springfield mayor Domenic Sarno was back at work this week making public appearances now that his weeklong COVID-related quarantine was over.

The Mayor made his first post-covid appearance Monday, still wearing a mask, at the Habitat for Humanity house warming for Natasha Elders and her family, saying he followed protocols to the letter. Sarno reflected on what he had been through.

“About four or five days of fever, body aches, for sure a sore throat like a cold or a cough. But the isolation and quarantine was extremely important, hydrating was extremely important, even though I was home, I was working from home,” said Sarno.

As the mayor returned to his full schedule of public activities he saluted Mrs. Sarno for making certain he was tested more than once before being absolutely certain he could safely return to public life