NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – To require proof of vaccination or to not. It’s been a discussion in communities across our area and the country but now the Northampton Board of Health Director said they’re putting a pause on that debate.

Whether in favor or against proof of vaccination, businesses are talking the challenges that have come with this pandemic and having to make decisions that impact their customers.

Phil Hartwright, the League Coordinator at Spare Time Northampton, told 22News, “We’ve had a hard enough time with the masks, never mind trying to get people to show a vaccine passport.”

Hartwright has worked about 12 years to the day at Spare Time Northampton. He said having the Board of Health pause the debate on showing proof of vaccination will be good for business.

On Friday, Board of Health Director Meredith O’Leary said in a written statement, “The Board of Health will not be discussing vaccine requirements at future meetings unless data suggests that such a requirement would be necessary or beneficial.”

While the proof of vaccination debate has been put on hold in Northampton, the Board of Health is expected to meet on Thursday to discuss other public measures that they may want to take to help contain the spread of COVID-19.

While Northampton is holding off from requiring you to show proof of vaccinations, some businesses still will be, like the Dirty Truth. Owner Kyle Anderson said that while they’ve faced backlash online, they’re not seeing it in person.

“Our customers coming through the door are very positive even if they don’t have a vaccination or get turned away,” Anderson said. “We haven’t had any altercations.”

The Northampton Board of Health meeting is on Thursday starting at 5:30 pm.