HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – EMTs and paramedics from Action Ambulance are helping the nurse shortage at Holyoke Public Schools.

Holyoke Public Schools Receiver/Superintendent Anthony Soto met with HPS Chief of Pupil Services Marianne Currier and Anne Marie Stronach from the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to finalize a plan for Action Ambulance to fill in for school nurses.

“After that conversation where we discussed how another school district in eastern Massachusetts handled a similar nursing shortage, I reached out to Action Ambulance to see if they could help,” Mr. Soto said. 

Action Ambulance provides services across Massachusetts assembled a group of emergency medical technicians and paramedics to work extra shifts to support school nurses across the district. 

“Our staff responded immediately to the request to help out in Holyoke schools,” said Action Ambulance’s Chief Strategy Officer Frank McNeil. “They are working on their days off, and we are readjusting our schedules to make this all work.” 

“The school nurses are receiving the support they need from state-licensed health-care providers who are happy to be working with our students.” Mr. Soto said. “With their help, we are bridging this current shortage in school nurses with at least five of our staff being out on leave this week and next.”

“Action Ambulance is also facing staffing shortages, and yet their employees were happy to step up for the students of Holyoke when we really need their help. Our nurses are so appreciative of this support. It’s been a very challenging time for them, and they’ve continued to do an outstanding job meeting critical care needs even while we’ve been short staffed. This support from Action Ambulance comes at a critical time for us,” HPS Director of Health, Wellness, and Nursing Cynthia Carbone.