CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Pfizer and Moderna announced earlier this week that they have clinical trials for a specific COVID vaccine to deal with the omicron variant.

Pfizer announced they’re beginning a trial and Moderna’s is also ready on phase two of their vaccine that directly targets the omicron variant. The reason behind it is, it’s the dominate strain in the U.S. right now and we’ve been seeing such a huge surge in cases due to it.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say that 50 percent of Americans who are eligible have already received the booster shot so what does that potentially mean for this omicron booster?

Doctors say though if you’re in the 50 percent that haven’t been boosted, don’t wait for this vaccine to come out. It’s because there’s scientific evidence that the current boosters are strong enough to sustain immunity from COVID.

“I really recommend that they get the booster right now. It may not prevent the omicron infection but it will prevent serious illness.” Dr. Armando Paez, Baystate Health Infectious Disease Division Chief

Should you get this omicron booster if you’re already boosted? Pfizer is studying groups of people who are boosted already in this omicron vaccine trial, so evidence will tell us if a fourth shot is needed for those who are already boosted.

If you’ve just had COVID and are vaccinated, it’s likely you had the omicron variant and have a high level of natural immunity but doctors say because we don’t know how long that immunity lasts your best bet is getting the booster as soon as your isolation is over and your symptoms are improving.