(WWLP) – Scientists are racing to gather data while the U.S. is taking new measures to minimize the spread.

They know this variant is different from the rest, and just like delta it’s a huge risk to the unvaccinated population in this country. Omicron cases are on the rise and now multiple have been confirmed in the U.S.

On Thursday, the second confirmed case of omicron variant was detected in Minnesota. In both this case and the first, the individuals were fully vaccinated.

“We don’t yet know the level of protection that vaccines currently available will provide.” Dr. Robert Roose: Chief Medical Officer at Mercy Medical Center

When you look at all the variants, the omicron variant has mutations, not seen before.

“What has scientists concerned is the number of mutations and that they are on the spike protein that is is the entry point for the virus into cells. It’s something we need to watch.” Dr. Robert Roose: Chief Medical Officer at Mercy Medical Center

Regardless of how transmissible omicron is, the booster shot is being called the best weapon against this variant and the rest of them.

“We know vaccine coverage isn’t 100 percent. Seems to decrease with times, which is why they are now recommending booster 6 months after initial series.” Dr. Megan Gallagher, Baystate Health Infectious Disease Physician

The infected person in Minnesota with the omicron variant was traveling domestically so infectious disease experts say it’s likely that the variant is spreading now in the U.S.

Omicron cases have been found in more than 20 countries, including Canada, the U.K. and now the U.S.