WINDSOR LOCKS, Conn. (WWLP) – The Christmas rush may be over but airports remain busy this week as millions now get ready to celebrate the New Year. Thankfully, there seemed to be fewer disruptions at Bradley International Airport compared to others across the country.

The holiday season travel stress has only escalated amid the rise of the Omicron variant. Several airlines are reporting staffing shortages from the spread of the coronavirus, leaving passengers with delayed or canceled flights. Those hitting the skies at Bradley International Airport less than a week before New Years said there weren’t many disruptions.

Kristy Rhatigan, visiting from Chicago, told 22News, “We didn’t have any issues actually. The airport in Chicago wasn’t terribly crowded and we didn’t have any issues with our crew, so we didn’t have any problems.”

There were thousands of flight cancelations and delays over the Christmas weekend because many flight crews had to quarantine. Delta and JetBlue are calling on the CDC to shorten the quarantine period for vaccinated workers to five days to ease crew shortages. Right now, that only applies to healthcare workers.

Testing lines are also long, dozens waited in line at Bradley International ahead of the holiday before gathering with family and friends.

Although Patty Neis of Suffield, Connecticut wasn’t at the airport to catch a flight, she was there to get a COVID test, hoping she didn’t catch the virus, “I was exposed prior to the holidays so I had to get tested so I can get back to work. You cant find testing anywhere so that’s why I’m here.”

The White House last week announced its new COVID-19 response plan, which includes additional aid to hospitals and ramping up vaccination and testing.

There have been some delays and canceled flights at Bradley International as of Sunday. Nationwide, more than 2,500 hundred flights were cancelled.