Corning-Painted Post School District prepares students for school closure, amid coronavirus outbreak


CORNING, N.Y. (WETM) – For the next couple of weeks, students across the nation will have to become accustomed to being educated at home.

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” said Ann Collins, Principal of Hugh Gregg Elementary.

Schools are closing their doors due to the coronavirus outbreak, forcing students to complete schoolwork from their homes.

“We’re hoping that this goes quick and doesn’t get extended, but it is what it is at this point,” said parent, Courtney Horvet.

“We don’t know when they are coming back. We have a date set, but who knows,” said Mike Jinalski, the Superintendent of Schools for the Corning-Painted Post School District.

April 14th is the date set for when students are supposed to return to school.

“We definitely went with more of a paper approach at the elementary school and utilize materials that they have already familiar with to just practice and reinforce the skills that they have already worked very hard up to this point to develop,” said Collins.

Students are facing a new normal, and are learning what it means to deal with a pandemic.

Hugh Gregg Elementary faculty and staff have held meetings over the past few days, to execute an emergency work plan for their students.

They started by allowing parents and students to pick up paperwork they would need to suffice during the break.

“We’re still going to continue our communication with our students the best we can. I think if we stay in that routine, the better off things are going to be for everyone,” said Colin Sinko, fifth-grade classroom teacher at Hugh Gregg Elementary.

Parents are showing their grace towards the school for the impactful emergency work plan.

“Obviously this is unexpected but we thankfully have a lot of homework and just things to keep them busy to at least not slide back and loose all the progress that they’ve made,” said Horvet.

“It’s about the families being able to continue some kind of normalcy for something that is anything but normal for them,” said Collins.

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