COVID cases and quarantines impacting bus routes for some Johnstown and Gloversville students


FULTON COUNTY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Cases of COVID-19 and ensuing quarantines have led to temporary cancellations of bus routes for some students in both the Johnstown and Gloversville school districts. Buses carrying secondary students in both districts won’t be running for the next eight school days.

“I didn’t expect this at all. It was either transport him, or have him be remote,” said Cassie Freese, a Johnstown parent.

Some parents in both districts were told Sunday evening that their children’s buses would temporarily stop running over the next several days.

For Freese, that means a completely different daily routine. Monday morning, she had to bring her son to work for a half hour at 7, but with school opening at 7:30, she had to leave work before returning. After leaving work at noon, she had to return downtown at 2:30 to pick him up.

“I mean how many people can go to work and just leave to go take their kid, you know? It’s really rough, I hope it doesn’t continue. It’s okay for the short time being, but long term, we can’t do it,” she explained.

The temporary cancellations are impacting over 300 secondary students in the two districts, which are served by buses from HFM BOCES.

“This quarantine of bus drivers, which is already kind of a decimated staff, makes it even harder to make sure those transportation routes can take care of our students,” said Johnstown Superintendent Dr. William Crankshaw.

In Gloversville, the superintendent says most impacted students were in the classroom Monday. He’s asked counselors and administrators in both the middle and high school to reach out to effected students who were not.

“So we can do everything we can to get these kids in school, or make sure the synchronous learning efforts are effective,” David Halloran said.

NEWS10 reached out to HFM BOCES transportation but have not received a statement.

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