(WWLP) – The United States has the highest number of COVID cases in the world. Yet, when you look at the CDC’s travel guidance there are travel advisories for COVID in almost every country.

Anne Lischwe with Triple A Northeast told 22News that looking at a country’s COVID risk level is not the only factor people should consider when they’re picking their destination.

According to a map by the CDC, you can see the vast majority of countries are in that red category for COVID, meaning they have a very high level of the virus. They will also put out advisories for other diseases.

Lischwe said when it comes to travel, regardless of whether a country is in the red or not, you should still take precautions.

“First of all being cognoscente of what those precautions are and really respecting that in that country but also you can take your own precautions above”, Lischwe said. “When you go on an airplane: bring your own sanitizing wipes, bringing an extra mask just in case. I think being really prepared just helps.”

She also said you should also consider vaccination rate or if you yourself are up to date on your vaccinations.