WAKEFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – A doctor whose license lapsed in Massachusetts will not have the right to renew after issuing COVID-19 exemption letters without first obtaining patients’ medical histories.

The Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine announced Friday it has taken disciplinary action against the medical license of Paul G. Gosselin, D.O. after it found that he had been disciplined by the Maine Board of Licensure in Medicine for reasons substantially similar to those for which Massachusetts could impose discipline, to wit, for engaging in conduct which places into question his competence to practice medicine such as the following:

  • Practicing medicine deceitfully, or engaging in conduct which has the capacity to deceive or defraud
  • Committing misconduct in the practice of medicine
  • Failing to maintain adequate medical records

According to a news release from the Board, in a Final Decision & Order, the Board revoked Dr. Gosselin’s right to renew his medical license after issuing five COVID-19 exemption letters for patients without first obtaining their medical histories, medical records, or consulting with their primary care providers, and not maintaining adequate medical records. 

Dr. Gosselin was licensed in Massachusetts as an internal medicine physician from July 17, 1996, until May 16, 2001, when his license lapsed. He has been practicing medicine in Maine.

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