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(NBC News) As lockdowns across the country ease many states and businesses are slowly reopening, and some workers may be surprised at the anxiety they feel returning to work.

“It’s fearful, being between a rock and hard place is that if i don’t open now someone is going to take that biz and i may not have biz to come back to,” says Georgia salon owner Sharon Tranter.

According to a recent survey, two out of three people are uncomfortable returning to work right now.

Health experts say that’s understandable. 

“This is a time to be anxious, this is a time to be worried, so it’s absolutely normal and expected but the thing is everybody’s handling of anxiety is different,” says Dr. Asim Shah of Baylor College of Medicine.
Dr. Shah suggests workers focus on taking precautions, like wearing masks and hand hygiene.
Employers can take gradual steps to ease workers back into their routines, especially those scrambling to find child care. 

“You schedule a few of your employees and maybe stagger their times, maybe somebody comes Monday, somebody comes Wednesday, things like that that,” Shah suggests.  

Employers can also adapt new policies.

The Qualtrics survey also revealed the majority of workers want to be able to wear masks and socially distance themselves, and almost half would like to see handshakes and hugs banned.

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