As holiday season travel ticks up — and as so many want to return to something closer to “normal” life thanks to pandemic fatigue — it’s up to travelers to make sure they’re up to date with various rules and mandates wherever they’re heading to and from.

The latest worldwide surge in COVID-19 cases, led by the delta variant and with concerns of omicron, has made traveling hectic, if not chaotic.

“Since the news of omicron broke right after Thanksgiving,” said Willis Orlando, operations specialist for Scott’s Cheap Flights, “we’ve seen a huge decrease in interest in international travel.”

Scott’s Cheap Flights tracks airfare and alerts consumers. Orlando said new rules like New York’s statewide masking mandate and a federal requirement that all travelers headed into the U.S. must test negative one day before their arrival are reasons why travelers need to do their homework.

He suggests reaching out to hotels or wherever you’re staying to ask about testing options, and recommends visiting the U.S. embassy website for up to date COVID information for international travel.

Checking in with your airline and airport should also be on your list.