SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – A small minority of people are experiencing a rebound of COVID symptoms or testing positive again after completing treatment.

It’s a rare occurrence, but with President Biden recently falling ill with rebound COVID-19, many are wondering how likely it is for symptoms to return after treatment.

“What this refers to is a situation in which someone who has taken the medication Paxlovid to treat their COVID-19 infection initially feels better, but then a week or so later they have a relapse of the same symptoms that they had initially,” said Infectious Disease Dr. Amanda Westlake from Baystate Medical Center.

The CDC did warn of COVID-19 rebounds back in May but right now is saying it’s only impacting a small minority of people. Viral rebound in general is rare and in the case of COVID-19, comes with milder symptoms than original infections, that’s why medical experts still encourage Paxlovid treatment.

“It’s not even clear that it’s due to the medication itself. So when they had the initial studies that led to the FDA approval of Paxlovid, the phenomenon of rebound occurred in about two percent of the control group. So, people who got placebo rather than the actual medication as well as in the group that received Paxlovid,” said Westlake.

Still, some are now hesitant to take the medication. DeJhan Johnson of Springfield told 22News, “I would want to know more. Of course, I would do my own research. But I would like to know what the statistics are and where everybody stands on the whole, especially the CDC.”

Rebound rates are around five percent among the tens of thousands of people who’ve taken the drug.