(WWLP) – Alarming new CDC data was released about two pharmacy chains wasting COVID-19 vaccine doses since the rollout the began last December.

CVS and Walgreens must report this information on doses administered and those that go to waste to the CDC. As of late March, the CDC said out of the 182,874 doses that have been wasted, CVS was responsible for nearly half and Walgreens for 21 percent. Between the two pharmacies, nearly 128,000 were wasted combined.

According to CVS, nearly all of the reported waste occurred within the long-term care facility program that began last December, “due to issues with transportation restrictions, limited on reducing unused doses, and other factors. Despite the inherent challenges, Our teams were able to limit waste to approximately one dose per onsite vaccination clinic.”

Vaccine waste at their actual retail stores only accounts for less than .1 percent of all vaccine doses they’ve administered at the stores. The CDC data does indicate that CVS and Walgreens wasted more vaccine doses than all U.S. states combined.