SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Its been one year since the first western Massachusetts person received a COVID-19 vaccine.

In Massachusetts more than 5 million people are currently fully vaccinated or 73.5 percent of the population with more than 12 million doses given.

In total, as of Wednesday more than 14 million doses of the vaccines have been shipped to Massachusetts, but vaccinations still are working to protect those who have received the shots.

Only two percent of current COVID-19 cases are in fully vaccinated people in Massachusetts with .06 percent of vaccinated people being hospitalized and only .01 percent of vaccinated people dying from the virus in Massachusetts.

Within western Massachusetts, we have the lowest full vaccination rate in the state at just 59 percent.

When it comes to how vaccines have impacted case numbers the seven day average of confirmed cases for this day last year is 4,760. The middle of the summer hospitalizations and cases were down due to the steady vaccination rollout.

Since then because of new variants and waning immunity, that number is 3275, but the good thing is that numbers has been falling every day.