Don’t let allergies dampen your summer


Summer allergy season is well underway and some sufferers are feeling the pressure.

 Unlike other seasons, mold is known to be a problem in the summer as well as those troublesome insect bites and ticks, with some causing an allergic reaction to red meat.

 “What happens is you get bit by a specific species of tick, through that bite they are transferring antibodies into your system, and with that you now have a sensitivity to red meat,” said allergy and immunology specialist Dr. Alekh Gupta.

 Insect repellants can be helpful in warding off these pests.

 When it comes children and summer allergies, the sooner you know what their triggers are, the better your chances of averting an attack.

 “If they’ve been playing outside, bring them in, kind of wash them off, rinse their hair out because then they jump on the sofa, they jump on the pillow, and all that pollen kind of stays in there,” says nurse practitioner Lourdes Ovide.

 Doctors say over-the-counter medications are usually the first line of defense, but if those don’t work, weekly allergy injections might do the trick.

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