Dry Shampoo: Know the limits


(WDIV)   It’s quick and convenient, but can you overuse dry shampoo? 

For those who are unfamiliar with it, dry shampoo is a starch or alcohol-based product used to absorb oil and odor from the hair on days that you don’t wash it.

The concept has been around for centuries, when people put powdered clay in their hair for the same purpose.  Today’s products generally come in an aerosol spray, and a lot of women are using them on a regular basis.

There’s no question that dry shampoo is a real time saver, but can you overuse it?

“I would say that you would want to limit it to a couple times a week, maximum,” says dermatologist Dr. Diane Jackson-Richards.

Overall, she said, dry shampoos are fairly safe, but there are risks to overusing any product.

“Anytime we are using products that build up on our scalp or on our hair, that can clog our follicles, and the more our follicles are clogged, that can lead to folliculitis, which is an inflammation around hair follicles.  And then you may see some scalp issues and shedding because of that. But I think that might be excessive use to do that,” said Jackson-Richards.

She said there is another potential risk of overuse.

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