(WWLP) – Another five-year continuation is granted for the BeHealthy Partnership Accountable Care Partnership Plan, through the Baystate Health Care Alliance ACO and Health New England.

As part of the planning initiative, Baystate Medical Practices’ primary care physicians (PCPs) will be added, along with both their Health Centers and Primary Care Service Line. This will be geared towards MassHealth participants in western Massachusetts. The partnership is to expand into Hampshire, Franklin, and Hampden Counties.

This new transition is set to improve the health of all individuals that are enrolled. Care physicians and health centers are to meet all the physical, mental, substance use disorder, and social health needs.

22News spoke to experts on what participants will further expect from this plan. “The changes that come with the next five-year waiver of Medicaid Accountable Care Organizations (ACO), really help us to enhance some of the care that we can offer to Medicaid patients,” said the Chief of General Medicine and Community Health at Baystate Health, Dr. Paul Pirraglia.

The ACO model is to focus on team-based care and also brings things beyond clinical care like flexible services. Which consist of housing and health-related nutrition support. A particular focus is on asthma problem concerns and food delivery programs for patients with gestational diabetes and other forms of diabetes. An overall extension of team base health care abilities.

The last five years of the model consisted of introducing the systems to be applied in an ACO model and bringing physicians along. Before it was constrained to help centers in the city of Springfield, now it is to become a broader geographic space.

Value-based care is to be brought not only between hospital visits but also services that are done beyond the clinical facilities, like at-home check-ins and bringing in team-based care that meets each person’s needs.

Additionally, receiving proper medications if there are formulary changes and trimming down the regimes of patients who are on too many medications. Including more involvement from clinical pharmacies in doing chronic disease management for diabetes and hypertension.

“It really has been an optimal form of caring for the whole person, well beyond the old standard Fee-for-service model of care,” Health New England’s Medical Director, Dr. Kate McIntosh said. As many groups and individuals pulled into these innovative models of care are to help. Dr. McIntosh implies how these services will help individuals not only in the hospital but also provide extensive care when they are in their homes.

“It is really exciting because we’re bringing a very high quality, well carried and studied vision model of care to many more people,” Dr. McIntosh expressed. “This is a seamless experience for most patients because the services that are already there don’t go away. In fact, they don’t diminish in any way, instead, they increase.”

Those receiving Medicaid coverage through Health New England are to be automatically enrolled in this new plan, and people are to be aware of this action beforehand. Currently, mechanics and operational changes are being focused on to meet the next waiver.

The plan does not begin until April 1st of next year.