(WWLP) – A few years ago, a study was released, claiming that decaf coffee raises bad cholesterol but now researchers say, it’s probably not all decaf coffee.  

Researchers had people drink three to five cups of decaf coffee, caffeinated coffee, or no coffee for eight weeks.

The decaf drinkers did have a 10 percent increase in LDL cholesterol while the other drinkers did not. But, looking deeper into the experiment, it may be the quality of the coffee that is the problem.

The decaf drinkers were given 100 percent Robusta decaf coffee. The caffeinated drinkers were given the better quality 100 percent Arabica coffee. Robusta coffee has a much higher level of a type of fat that could raise LDL than coffee made from the Arabica beans. More research is needed.

So if you have high LDL, do not automatically give up your decaf coffee. Be sure your decaf is made with Arabica Beans. 

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