SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Since trans fats were banned in 2018, new types of fat are showing up on labels.

Interesterified fats were developed to take the place of trans fat so baked goods and snack foods would have a desirable texture.

They are made by combining the type of saturated fat found in chocolate with vegetable oils. There is not much research on its safety.

One study shows interesterified fat had the same unhealthy effects as trans fat, raising the bad LDL cholesterol and lowering the good HDL cholesterol.

Interesterified fat may also raise blood sugar as much as 20 percent in some people.

So until we know more, you may want to avoid it.

If you have a craving for a snack food or a baked good, look for one that uses a liquid vegetable oil. Or treat yourself to a little 70 percent dark chocolate.