SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) –  Big Y is offering COVID-19 vaccines and boosters, along with several additional vaccines such as the flu during the “Big Vax Week” campaign beginning Monday.

Big Y is helping to increase awareness by offering access to immunizations throughout their store locations in Massachusetts and Connecticut from September 26 through October 1. During the campaign, customers who receive the seasonal flu or COVID-19 vaccine will get a $5 off $25 coupon on groceries during the event as well as additional giveaways.

All stores will have an on-site clinic offering seasonal flu, high dose flu, and COVID-19 vaccines including the updated COVID-19 booster. Stores with an on-site pharmacy will also be offering pneumonia, shingles, Tdap, Hepatitis A and B, meningitis, MMR and HPV vaccines. No appointments are necessary.

“The safety and health of everyone in our region is so vitally important to us that we are excited to offer our 2nd Big Y Big Vax Week to everyone: our customers, employees and their families. Our professional pharmacy staff has been working hard to be able to provide this essential service in each of our neighborhoods at every one of our 72 locations throughout Massachusetts and Connecticut. This week-long event provides a convenient way for anyone to receive one of many vaccines to keep our community healthy. Big Y’s Big Vax Week is one more way we’ve been serving our community for over 86 years,” Charles L. D’Amour, Big Y’s president and CEO.

Free vaccines for the flu (5yrs+), high dose flu (65yrs+), COVID-19 & updated booster (12yrs+) are available at the following locations:


SouthamptonMonday 9/269am-12pm
AmherstMonday 9/262pm-5pm
Westfield Monday 9/2610am-1pm
Westfield ShopsMonday 9/262pm-5pm
SouthwickMonday 9/262pm-5pm
NorwellTuesday 9/279am-12pm
FranklinTuesday 9/2710am-1pm
WareTuesday 9/2711am-2pm
MilfordTuesday 9/272pm-5pm
SouthbridgeWednesday 9/2810am-1pm
Springfield, St James Wednesday 9/2810am-1pm
PeabodyWednesday 9/2811am-2pm
ChicopeeWednesday 9/282pm-5pm
HoldenWednesday 9/283pm-6pm
East LongmeadowThursday 9/2910am-1pm
North AdamsThursday 9/2911am-2pm
EastonThursday 9/292pm-5pm
NorwoodThursday 9/2910am-1pm
Big Y at Fresh Acres, SpringfieldThursday 9/292pm-5pm
W. Springfield, Memorial AveFriday 9/3010am-1pm
Table & Vine, West SpringfieldFriday 9/302pm-5pm


DerbyMonday 9/2610am-1pm
SheltonMonday 9/263pm-6pm
ClintonTuesday 9/2710am-1pm
MonroeTuesday 9/2710am-1pm
GuilfordTuesday 9/273pm-6pm
NewtownTuesday 9/273pm-6pm
BranfordWednesday 9/2810am-1pm
PlainvilleWednesday 9/2810am-1pm
North HavenWednesday 9/283pm-6pm
Rocky HillWednesday 9/283pm-6pm
AvonThursday 9/2910am-1pm
CheshireThursday 9/2910am-1pm
PlainfieldThursday 9/2910am-1pm
MeridenThursday 9/293pm-6pm
West HartfordThursday 9/293pm-6pm
SimsburyFriday 9/3010am-1pm
EnfieldFriday 9/303pm-6pm
MilfordFriday 9/30 10am-1pm
Old LymePlease visit our Old Saybrook, CT PharmacyVaccinations cannot be offered at this location due to lease restrictions.

Big Y administered 100,000 doses of vaccines over the past year. According to CDC guidance, it is acceptable to receive 2 or more of these different vaccines at the same time.

Viruses often spread more easily during the cooler time of the year. This is why health officials are reminding people to make sure they’re up-to-date with their COVID-19 booster.

Christi Masciadrelli is the pharmacy manager at the Big Y on Cooley Street, she says the company has seen an increase in people looking to get their booster. “There’s definitely an uptick, especially as the weather’s getting colder, holidays are coming, and people are interested in protecting themselves before they get together with their families.”

Children and adults 5 years and older are eligible for the original monovalent boosters. However, not everyone is eligible for the bivalent vaccine, the most updated form that protects against variant stands of the virus. Those 12 and older can receive the Pfizer version and Modern is approved for those 18 and older.

Health experts say you shouldn’t wait to get the booster shot even if you recently tested positive for the virus.

“The CDC has commented to get it approximately three months. You still probably have some immunity from that, but having said that, if it’s available it will not hurt you if you want to get it sooner than that.” Armando Paez | Division of Infectious Disease, Baystate Medical Center

If you already received the original booster, you can still get the bivalent booster. COVID-19 boosters are free to the public and can be administered at the same time as the flu vaccine.