BUFFALO (WWLP) – Buffalo Bills Safety Damar Hamlin remains in the University of Cincinnati Medical Center following a medical emergency earlier this week. Though some good news, he’s been showing signs of improvement.

Hamlin is still considered to be in critical condition after collapsing during monday night football against the Bengals. It has been confirmed that he suffered a cardiac arrest.
Concerns continue to pour in – as millions across the country wait for better news. 22news spoke with parents tonight about the dangers of playing a sport, not just football.

“I have two kids. my son does not play football, he plays baseball and runs track so safer sports in terms of that sort of things but they understand that anything can happen,” said Jake Purcell, from Northampton.

“I do have a nephew that plays football and i know it’s really a very dangerous sport but at the same time hopefully the athletics department will provide some better equiptment to prevent injuries like that,” said Shalom Vaisagote, from West Springfield.

Hamlin’s fundraiser on GoFundMe has now reached nearly 7 million dollars.
it’s goal is to support a toy drive for Damar’s community, sponsored by the Chasing M’s Foundation. There has been no decision on whether to resume the Bills-Bengals game at a later date. A decision will be made in the coming days. The patriots are expected to play the bills in buffalo on Sunday.