(WWLP) – This Thursday officially marked a heat wave in western Massachusetts, and when temperatures are this high, you’re not just losing water, you’re losing nutrients as well.

Sweating during this heat wave is the body’s natural way of cooling itself down, but this process causes the loss of a lot of nutrients and fluids. It’s estimated that you lose 800 milliliters of water through your intestines and respiratory system every day because of sweating.

Many people suffering from heat-related illnesses have low salt levels in their bodies, according to local medical experts. 22News spoke with a doctor about what you can do to avoid any heat-related illnesses.

“Make sure that you are in a cool area, replenishing the fluids that you lose. And if you are able to drink milk, it’s very balanced, it works pretty well,” said Dr. Sundeep M. Shukla, Baystate Noble Hospital. “It has important electrolytes, carbohydrates, fats, it has everything that can replenish you that you’re actually losing.”

Carbohydrates in rehydration drinks or sports drinks will also help to replace glucose in the body. Any fruit in moderation can also be helpful in these situations, and avoiding alcohol and caffeine.

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