CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Clean water advocates want pet owners to be mindful of the proper disposal of pet waste to reduce its contact with lakes, streams, and other local waters.

The Connecticut River Stormwater Committee is a coalition of 19 Pioneer Valley municipalities, along with UMass Amherst and the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission (PVPC).  They have created a new campaign to remind pet owners of the importance of picking up after their animals. “There is No Poop Fairy: Scoop your poop” is designed to be a lighthearted way to approach a very serious problem. Pet feces contain harmful bacteria that can get into the water system through storm drains after rain and melting snow.

“Most people just need a reminder that leaving their dog’s waste on your property is not acceptable.  With some prompting and a dose of humor that reminds them that there is no poop fairy, people ought to be more conscientious about proper disposal of dog waste,”  PVPC Chief Environmental Planner Patty Gambarini noted. “Not only will this help you in the form of better care for your property, but it will also prevent the harmful bacteria in pet waste from flowing with rainfall to nearby storm drains and out to local rivers and streams.” 

According to the organization, one gram of dog waste can contain 23 million fecal bacteria and spread giardia, salmonella, and parasites to other pets and humans as well.

For more information on ways to prevent water pollution, go to the Think Blue Connecticut River website.

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