Parents are concerned for the safety of their young athletes, after a high school football player died from a brain injury.

This weekend, two athletes were making plays on the field and moments later, they were being rolled away on a stretcher. Both suffering from head injuries.

The Georgia high school player died Sunday. The Tennessee college linebacker remains in critical condition.

Sports Medicine Specialist Dr. Julio Martinez told 22News, the cause of death could be a result of massive brain bleed, “Someone gets hit in the head, they have a period of maybe a few minutes of them feeling normal. Maybe, a little headache. And what’s happening during that time period is the brain is basically being bathed by the blood and all that blood is actually accumulating in the skull.”

There’s been an increased concern among athletes’ parents regarding the brain disease CTE, which has been linked to NFL players, who suffer repeated blows to the head.

And it’s not just the brains of NFL players. Researchers are finding signs of traumatic brain injuries in young football players too.

Massachusetts is making sure students are safe. The Department of Public Health developed an interscholastic head injury safety program back in 2010, that all public schools in the state must follow. It’s an effort to keep kids safe, while playing sports.

Dr. Martinez recommends players listen to their bodies. If a player suspects they might have a concussion, they should not play, until evaluated by a medical professional.