SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – An increased demand for infant and children’s pain and fever reducing medications following the triple-demic has led to empty pharmacy shelves.

This shortage is due to manufacturing and supply chain issues following an uptick in respiratory illnesses and infections in children. 22News spoke with Baystate Health to learn more about what parents can do to protect their kids and keep their kids healthy through home remedies before seeking medical attention.

Dr. John O’Reilly from Baystate Health’s Department of Pediatrics said, “Parents first don’t panic and second don’t panic. Don’t buy everything off the shelves because another parents child may need that. Take the amount you need. We have to get through this as a community. Really to some of the tried and true remedies that their grandmother or great grandmother has talked about.”

Dr. O’Reilly said there are a variety of different ways to help your child’s body reduce fever by placing them in lukewarm water to cool off the skin. As well as dressing them in cool light clothing and keeping them hydrated.